Welcome to is for everyone that appreciates good looking girls and nice cars. We try to keep a good variety of styles. We mix race clothing, wet look, pinup, ball gown, satin blouses, pinstripes, pvc and leather. Even the cars are a nice mix, from Ford model A to Nissan Skyline and everything in between.

We like to visit drifting and track days, sometimes just with the camera, sometimes with our racecar. Tractor pulling is also a nice sport. We do  photography of street racing from time to time. About half of the photos are of random girls on car shows and other meetings. The rest are taken with our own models, were we can arrange background, lights, clothes and so on.

You will find no nudity on this page. is looking for partners in this area:

Photographers with similar taste in photos as us

Girls how wants to try to be a model, maybe with their own nice car.

Makeup artists

Rent advertising space on Maybe, if the advertising is something we can stand for.

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